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Taos has been changing over the past few years. We’ve simultaneously been faced with empty commercial spaces and a dwindling supply of affordable housing options.


I want to help balance out the supply and demand of dwellings and structures in our community and creatively addressing that balance. For example, part of that process is asking questions about shared housing – especially between our elders and others – as well as tiny houses and how to regulate them most effectively and usefully.


As Commissioner, I would collaborate with the Town of Taos on short-term rentals, because they have had a real impact on our supply of affordable long-term rentals. The Town has taken clear steps to address this only we need to coordinate policy and regulation across the region. Our vacation rentals and housing needs don’t end at the town limits. We’ll make a bigger difference if we work together.


I would evaluate the possibility of requiring new developments to fold in affordable housing. I would also pursue funding for new affordable housing development, as well as opportunities to convert existing structures. Finally, energy efficiency should be part of the standards of any current and new developments.

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