Listening is the first step in building a strong


Why I'm


I'm seeking your support and your vote in the June 2 primary election for Taos County Commission, District 4. That's the yellow stretch in the map here.


Why am I doing this? Because I love this community and feel lucky to live here. That motivates me to work hard to protect and strengthen Taos County.


Because our families deserve greater economic stability. Because you shouldn't have to be lucky to have quality work and a way to get there. You shouldn't have be be lucky to have an affordable place to live...or to be able to achieve the education you seek. And you shouldn't have to be lucky to have the chance to start or grow your own business. 

I pledge to listen to what you need, and to work hard for all of Taos County.

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Our community has a significant need for more low- and middle-income housing. Our economic health, family stability, and work opportunities rest on this.


To achieve meaningful change, the Taos County Commission needs to closely collaborate with the Town of Taos as well as state government.


We need quality jobs. But we need to create them in ways that are true to our community's culture and  traditions, and respectful of our land and water resources.


Transparency to me means more than seeing the decisions and actions officials are taking. It means communicating the reasons behind those actions, and inviting and involving community input along the way.