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Cookies with the Candidates
May 19th at 2:00 p.m.

Why I'm Running for re-election

I'm seeking your support and your vote in the June 4, 2024 Democratic primary election for Taos County Commission, District 4. That's the yellow stretch in the map here.


Why am I doing this? Because I love this community and feel lucky to live here. That motivates me to work hard to protect and strengthen Taos County. Because our families deserve greater stability. Because you shouldn't have to be lucky to have quality work and a way to get there. You shouldn't have be be lucky to have an affordable place to live. And you shouldn't have to be lucky to have the chance to start or grow your own business. 

If I'm re-elected, I will continue to work to prioritize innovative ways to improve critical infrastructure (roads, recycling, animal welfare). And I will keep the focus on families, vulnerable members of our community, as well as the resilience of our environment in the face of the climate crisis.

district map_edited.jpg

And What we've done


Our economic health, family stability, and work opportunities rest on establishing more below-market housing. We have a plan to build workforce housing on County land, and joined with the Town of Taos to help start the Taos Housing Partnership. The Housing Partnership we helped start is now working to advise the County with policy changes that will support housing as well as homebuyer education and support. 


The County disbursed over $½ million of federal Covid relief funds into community work focused on food, land, homelessness & more. I also pushed to bring back the position of Economic Development  Director, and we now have someone in place who is convening regional conversations about workforce development, supporting youth internships in arts and cultural organizations, and bringing in a variety of grant funds.


As part of the Commission, I voted to put on the ballot GRT (gross receipt tax) funding increases for the County Fire & EMS (which we agreed to share with the municipalities in the County) as we as a GRT for the stability of Holy Cross Hospital and the UNM-Taos Nursing program.


We put in place a new wage plan to pay County staff fairly, reducing the vacancy rate by double digits - so we can get more work done for the community.


Some of the policy changes we’d like - and some of the funding we need - require collaboration with others. Fortunately, your current County team has strong relationships at the local, state, and federal level. We know and like these folks, we brainstorm and compromise with them, and we partner with them.


Transparency to me means more than seeing the decisions and actions officials are taking. It means communicating the reasons behind those actions, and inviting and involving community input along the way. 


We implemented a unique agreement - called the Good Neighbor Agreement - that lets us more efficiently move federal funds into the County for protecting our forests and watersheds. And we’ve supported the health of the Rio Hondo by directing funds toward a water quality study. There’s much more work to do – especially when it comes to protecting our precious lands, water, homes, and health in the face of the climate crisis.


We prioritized providing social services that weren’t available before, supporting the Taos NEST emergency shelter program and working to get the location, funding, and partners to re-start a detox center.

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